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About Franjipani Resort

Escape the sounds, smells, and sights of the city for the beauty of nature. Whether you are a couple, a business traveler, a family wanting some fun together, or someone looking to get away, welcome to Franjipani.  Franjipani resort is a laid-back boutique resort where family fun and peace of mind awaits you at our 80 meter long pool situated by a garden environment or take a walk or 3 minute bicycle ride  to the beaches of Khao Takieb.

Franjipani Residential Resort is a four season boutique resort with modern contemporary and eco-designed environment. The resort blends home-liked residence traditions with hotel standard accommodations for a tropical retreat.  Each of the stylish rooms reflects the tranquil harmony of residence and friendliness ensuring all guests stays with smile. Available for a one day hideaway, weekend vacation, a week or months long stay.

Franjipani Residential Resort is located in the quiet surroundings of Khoa Takieb Village in, Hua Hin district, one of the oldest beach resort areas of Thailand, surrounded by mountains, beaches and the ocean.  It is the perfect getaway resort for you and family at any time of the year. The town is less than 200 kms southwest of Bangkok, or just two hours car driving.  

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Escape the sounds, smells, and sights of the city for the beauty of nature...

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